Firefighters narrowly escape Serious Injury

when O2 Tank Explodes 

909 S. Franklin St.

House Fire

Group 3 Working

At 11:27 pm Holbrook fire Alarm received calls for a couch fire at the above address. The first  Officer on scene reported light smoke showing occupants evacuating. As crews began to enter the structure a large explosion occurred followed by 3 smaller explosions. Crews were immediately withdrew from the structure, and found two six foot sliding doors blown off the back of the structure, and the back of the home fully involved. At this time one of the occupants informed the Fire Department of Oxygen in use in the home and several bottles kept in the area of the couch. A second Alarm was struck bringing Randolph & Braintree Fire to the scene, and Avon & Abington Fire to cover Station 1 & 2. A special call for an additional Engine was made bringing Avon Fire to the scene, and Brockton to cover Station 2. Temperatures this night were -4F, with a wind chill of -20. The fire is listed as accidental, and under investigation. Two occupants and 1 Firefighter were transported to the Hospital, where they were treated and released. Brockton E3 was called to the scene to relieve crews with overhaul. Holbrook E3 was placed out of service for mechanical problems 1 hour prior to the fire.

Click on the thumbnail for full size picture. Photo's by D. Stewart.

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Notice all that remains of O2 tank

that exploded.