Home Fire Safety


Nobody expects a fire. But it's very important to have an  Escape Plan, Just in case there is one. Fire can happen anywhere: in the home, apartment or place of Business.

In case of a fire, what you don't know can hurt you. Keep in mind, fires don't always happen to someone else. Escape Plans will differ for each type of building. It's up to you to plan the proper escape from your particular building.



There's no time for planning during a Fire Emergency. Sit down with your family today and make a step-by-step plan for escaping a fire.

Draw a floor-plan of your home, marking two ways out (including windows) of every room - especially sleeping Areas. Discuss the escape routes with every member of your household.

Agree on a meeting place outside your home where every member of the household will gather after escaping a fire to wait for the Fire Department. This allows you to count heads and inform the Fire Department if anyone is missing or trapped inside the building. Don't go back. Do not go back into a fire for anything! Your life is your most valuable possession. Your child could unknowingly follow you back in, and become trapped along with you. Once you are out, remember STAY OUT. If people are trapped, the firefighters have the best chance of rescuing them. The heat and smoke of a fire are overpowering. Only Firefighters have the training, experience, and protective equipment needed to enter  burning buildings.

In case of fire:

  1.  Leave the building immediately.

  2. Go directly to your meeting place, and take a head count.

  3. Call the Fire Department from a neighbors phone, a portable phone, or an Alarm Box.

Every member of your household should know how to contact the Fire Department.

Survival is Simple


Install Smoke Alarms and keep them in working order.


Make an escape plan and practice it.


React immediately at the first sign of fire.


If you encounter smoke when using your primary exit, use an alternate escape route.


If you must exit through smoke, crawl low under smoke, keeping your head 12 to 24 inches above the floor.

If you become trapped, close all doors between you and the fire. Stuff the cracks around the doors to keep out smoke. wait at a window and signal for help with a light colored cloth (sheet), or flashlight. If there's a phone in the room, use it to call the fire department and tell them exactly where you are. Open a window about 8 inches at the top, to let out the heat and smoke. Open the window about 8 inches at the bottom to breathe. Do not break out the window, as you may need to close it.

Doors need to be tested before opening. Reach up as high as you can and touch the door, the knob, and the crack between the door with the back of your hand. If the door is warm find another escape route. If the door is cool, open it with caution.

Contact your local Fire Department if you have any questions, or require assistance in planning your home or work Escape Plan.