Norfolk County Control

Holbrook Fire Department

300 South Franklin Street

Holbrook, MA 02343

Telephone: (781) 767-2233                                                                   Fax: (781) 767-1738

 The Holbrook Fire Department Communications Center is  the fire district control point for Norfolk County. All requests for mutual aid and other resources are handled though Holbrook Fire Dispatch. On 3/25/2008 Holbrook Fire Alarm received a call, (thru Norfolk County Control) from Canton Fire declaring an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) for a Commuter Train crash with 150 injured. Holbrook Fire Alarm Dispatchers then Co-Ordinated and Dispatched 37 communities Emergency Response Units to the scene. This was done while also handling Emergency Dispatch & Communications of the Holbrook Fire Department, which had several calls during this incident.

Canton train collision

03/25/2008 17:35hrs    

1735hrs.          Canton Fire request 4 Ambulances for train collision @ Otis St. track intersection.

                ·         Stoughton Amb , Randolph Amb, Sharon Amb, Norwood Amb all responding.  

1743hrs.          Canton fire requests a 2nd alarm and two ambulance strike teams for the train incident. Amb strike teams 4C & 2A activated.                             MCI trailer activated. Staging area is 490 Chapman St

                ·         Norwood Eng, Stoughton Eng, Sharon Lad to the scene.

·         Westwood Eng, Walpole Lad (stat 1), Milton Eng (stat 2) for coverage.

    ➔     Strike Team 4C: Franklin Command, Foxboro, Millis, Walpole, Wrentham, Norfolk Ambulances.

    ➔     Strike Team 2A: Abington Command, Norwell, Hanson, Whitman, East Bridgewater, Brockton Ambulances.  

1746hrs.         Canton fire requests DFS Incident Support Unit and Rehab to the train incident.  

1754hrs.          Canton Fire requests a 3rd Alarm Assignment for the train incident.

                ·         Westwood Eng, Walpole Lad, Milton Eng to scene.

                ·         Avon Eng, Dedham Lad  (stat 1), Foxboro Eng (stat 2) for coverage.

1811hrs.          Canton Fire requests a 4th Alarm Assignment for the train incident   

                ·         Avon Eng, Dedham Lad, Foxboro Eng to scene.

                ·         Braintree Eng, Brockton Lad (stat 1), Easton Eng (stat 2) for coverage.                             

1826hrs.          Canton Fire requests a 5th Alarm Assignment for the train incident

                ·         Braintree Eng, Brockton Lad, Easton Eng to the scene.

                ·         Holbrook Eng, Needham Lad (stat 1), Randolph Eng (stat 2)   

1845hrs.          ISU on scene. Rehab 15 min ETA to Canton.



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